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Unlock Motorola

Unlock Motorola

Model : Motorola L6i & L7i (NOT L6 and L7 without "i" with i is different)

1. Press and hold "*" key by dialing code 787090
2. The mobile displays: Menu. Network
3. Choose 'yes' and then press OK
4. The mobile ask you for code
5. Enter the code for unlocking.

Model : Motorola A1000 and other A models

1. Click on the icon Phone
2. Enter the following keys: ** 057 *
3. Mobile displays locking enter personalization
4. Enter the unlock code
5. Click Ok

Motorola 3G, Z8 & Z10
If your phone is on a 3G network or your phone is listed above

1. Enter **057* a new prompt will appear asking for a code
2. Enter Code Sent
3. Press the OK button or the green call button
Your phone is now unlocked

Motorola CDMA & TDMA

Press 74663 # [Menu] [Menu] and you will be asked for a subsidy code
Enter the code you receive
Your phone is now unlocked

Model : Defy

1. Switch ON your phone with a not allowed SIM Card
2. If the display reads Enter Special Code
3. Enter the unlock code and press OK

If the display does not read Enter Special code follow method below

1. Press and hold the asterisk (*) key until an entry box is displayed.
2. Type *#32# and press OK
3. Enter your Motorola unlock code and press OK
4. Your Motorola mobile should now display either Completed or Deleted

Model : All Motorola

1. Switch ON your phone with a not allowed SIM Card
2. Phone show Enter Special Code or Enter Subsidy Password or Enter Subsidy Code
3. You can now enter the unlock code sent
4. Your Motorola is now unlocked


If your phone does not prompt for any of the above it may be asking for another type of code (PIN PUK etc (This is not the unlocking code that has just been provided)) you will need to enter those first. ONLY when the phone prompts for one of the codes above will the code work.

For information concerning the PIN, PIN2, PUK and PUK2 codes for a SIM card please read the manual that came with your phone.

WARNING : If one of theses messages appear :

- Contact Service Provider
- Tampert Alter
- Wait before enter special Code
- Contact Service

These messages must go away before you can enter the code. Place your Motorola on charge (so that the battery doesnt die before reset) and leave it, eventually the message will disapear. Please be patient, it can take anything from 15mins to 4 days to reset. There is no other way to reset this situation, however they always reset if left long enough.


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